Monday, October 26, 2009

Classic Clips: U2 with Brandon Flowers

This duet is from Las Vegas, 2005. Bono was suffering from vocal problems and asked Brandon Flowers, from “the swankiest rock and roll band on the planet,” to join him in singing “In A Little While.” I have never been particularly inspired by U2, but I don’t deny the power they have in creating moving, emotive music. I will confess that it is Brandon who makes this video for me. His voice is so clear, yet there is a tremor to it that I just love.

This was a big, big moment, indeed, for the still new-to-the-spotlight Flowers. Two years prior he was a bellhop at a local casino, and here he is, sharing the stage with the biggest rock band in the world. I really enjoy the way Brandon runs with this opportunity. His nervousness is palpable in the beginning of the song, but he isn’t shy with his gestures and emotion. He out-sings Bono even on his best day, and is obviously not afraid to match one of his idols in stage presence. Oh, and it is a beautiful song.


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