Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bring Back Midnight Show!

It is impossible to single out a favorite concert clip of the Killers (but I’m going to try to anyway). They are so phenomenal live and they don’t take their audience for granted. They play like they are giving it their all every time they go on stage, and you can’t say that for all bands. I have only seen them in smaller venues but it seems that they shine the brightest on the big festival stages.

Lately, the band is dusting off some old favorites from Hot Fuss – Believe Me Natalie and Change Your Mind. Although I won’t be attending another show on this current tour, I am still lobbying for the return of MIDNIGHT SHOW!!! This is one of my all-time favorite Killers songs and it gets no love! It is fast, dark, and you are hard pressed to find a more poetic description of death by strangulation than in the lines of that song. Lyrically, it’s just brilliant.

I am posting this clip of the Killers playing Midnight Show at Glastonbury 2005. It is faster than the studio version and it highlights how energetic and polished their playing was, even before they had a few years of touring under their belt. Mark and Ronnie are especially blowing my mind here. If you have not seen it in a while, it is worth another watch, and if you’ve NEVER seen it . . . Enjoy!



  1. Oh my gosh I really haven't seem that before! It's almost sped up, but totally not. Woowow that was such a stunningly perfect job on Midnight Show. Amennnnn

  2. I was lucky enough to have been at the show were they "resurrected" Believe Me Natalie after a 5 year hiatus this past summer. Being one of my favorite songs that I have never heard them play (this being the 4th time I have seen them), I was thrilled to have seen it live.

    The only other song I wish they would have done the same with was Midnight Show. I have only seen it live once (back during the Hot Fuss Tour) and my memories of it are quite similar to the video above.

    I have just recently started reading your blog, but I am extremely impressed with your knowledge and overall love for the band. You have an insight to the killers that not many people fully realize. We both share many of the same music ideals and I look forward to coming posts.