Thursday, September 17, 2009

The AZ Axioms

As my first post, I thought I would take the opportunity to reveal some AZ philosophy, just to give you an idea of who I am as a listener, a writer, and a fan. So here goes . . .

  • If singers don’t write and perform their own songs, I’m just not interested. I can’t get behind American Idol. If that makes me a music snob, so be it.
  • I love language. Lyricists are my poets and I am old school when it comes to writing. You’ll find slang and swearing here - but sorry, no text language. NO JGMNT 2 TXTERS ;-)
  • I refer to my favorites by first name. Van (Morrison), Stevie (Nicks), Tom (Petty), and the Bobs (Dylan and Marley) have inspired and comforted me since I was very young and I guess I feel a kinship toward them.
  • When I really connect with the work of a songwriter or band, there are never “good” albums or “bad” albums, only ones for different moods. Naturally, I still do have favorites.
  • I believe in lyrical obscurity. I don’t know what Stevie meant when she sang about “a charmed hour and a haunted song” and I don’t care. It conveys an image, a mood . . . and it just sounds cool.
  • I am a sucker for a kick-ass bass line and I believe that bass players as a group, excluding Paul McCartney, are criminally underrated.
  • I believe the songs that completely turn you off upon first listen, serve the function of stretching your brain and expanding your musical palette. We often don’t like what is new and unfamiliar; a second listen is usually required.
  • I believe there is too much negativity surrounding music forums. People don’t seem to realize that year after year - album after album - artists have the courage to bare their soul to the listening masses. If you don’t like something, move along. No need for the vitriolic rant about how “the new album is shit” and “they haven’t been good since 2004. ”
I write about the music I like and don’t waste time on the music I don’t . . . And with that, Audio Zealot is born. I hope you read my posts and email me your thoughts and new music suggestions.

Be well and listen with an open heart. -AZ

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  1. Hey, happy to have found you via a Killers related post on Twitter. We have similar taste in music. I will be very interested to follow your blog. Have you listened to The Airborne Toxic Event?I saw them live a few months ago and they are fantastic. Check out the track 'Something New'.